Bridging the gap between stem cell discoveries and the expansion into the commercial realm

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The Isthmus Foundation

The Isthmus Foundation (TIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to commercializing stem cell discoveries into clinical approaches for unmet medical needs. Through our alliances we bridge the gap between academic and scientific research and the development and delivery of more effective patient therapies. Our advocacy and passion leverage regional and global resources, partnerships and funding to advance promising stem cell science for human health.

TIF Partnership provides the following value propositions:

  • Focus, structure, and best practices to drive to agreed upon project milestones.
  • Provide strategic and functional management resources during start-up phases (e.g. Pre-seed, seed, and initial funding rounds).
  • Utilization of TIF toolbox (e.g. contacts, expertise, infrastructure, etc.)

How TIF Bridges the Gap

TIF combines the available science with business expertise in the following ways:

Currently, public and private research facilities, as well as the health care sector as a whole, are grappling with how to adequately support and benefit from stem cell research.

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