Collaborations with the University of Minnesota Stem Cell Institute

The Stem Cell Institute (SCI), established in 1999 within the University of Minnesota Medical School, was the first interdisciplinary institute in the United States dedicated exclusively to stem cell research. Drawing on the diverse expertise of its affiliated researchers from 25 collaborating University departments, the Stem Cell Institute is focused on understanding stem cell biology and developing new cures and therapies for numerous medical conditions, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease, as well as neurological and inherited disorders.

The Isthmus Foundation evolved from a relationship between stem cell scientists at the UMN Stem Cell Institute and members of the local business community. Today, The Isthmus Foundation (TIF) works with the University of Minnesota Stem Cell Institute to support the Stem Cell Institute’s mission.

Collaborating with SCI researchers, TIF’s Executive Director, Board and advisers are working to identify the most promising ways to support and accelerate their research. TIF’s goal, simply stated, is to provide additional focused project management and logistical and financial support to help translate these researchers’ discoveries into new therapies and products that can benefit the public. As these projects advance, TIF will help cultivate long-term relationships with academic, commercial and clinical partners that can provide additional assistance tailored to each project’s needs. For example, project support can include the following disciplines: product development, market feasibility studies, regulatory, reimbursement, cGMP-compliant manufacturing and supply chain, IP strategy and entity formation.

Lab Space Available

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